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Step By Step Guide to Getting Approval for Your Personal Loan

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| Updated: 10 Apr, 2020 | Category: Personal Loan

Are you failing to secure a personal loan from your bank? In this blog, we will discuss some fundamental tips that will brighten your chances for the approval of the personal loan. A personal loan is an unsecured loan that can be availed without any collateral.

Secondly, a personal loan is that sort of financial obligation that can be repaid in smaller monthly payments. Besides, the interest rate on the personal loan is fixed, which implies that the EMI amount do not vary during the loan tenure.

The good credit score and flawless employment record acts as a catalyst for the approval process. Let’s have a look at some crucial steps that will speed up your approval process for personal loans.

Check Your Credit Score Before Contacting Your Bank

If you rush to the bank for a loan without knowing your credit score, the chances are that you might get rejected for a low score. So, it’s better for you to brace yourself against that nasty surprise. Obtaining your credit score can help you strengthen the chances of loan approval.

Often, users create a wrong perception about their credit score and thought they wouldn’t encounter any hassles during the approval process. Truth be told, even with the best legal practices, banks can find sufficient reasons to cancel your request.

The factors like high credit utilization ratio or false reporting on the credit report can darken your chances of approval. Regularly obtaining the credit score is the best strategy to combat unknown obstacles to the loaning process.

Make sure that your credit score surpasses the 700 mark

This is an optimum bandwidth for your credit score. If you are fortunate enough to get your score in this bandwidth, the chances of your approval become more prominent.

A personal loan is an unsecured loan that doesn’t demand collateral from the borrower. So, practically, there is nothing left for the lender to secure their money, except a credit score. In short, a good credit score is an absolute necessity for the approval of the personal loan. The string of rejections from the banks can significantly hamper your credit health.

Track You Previous Loan Obligations

It’s quite alluring to apply multiple financial institutions at once to maximize the chances of loan approval. It seems to a great idea, but on the ground, it has negative consequences. When you execute such a strategy, it can give a negative impression to the lender about your intention. He or she might feel that you are immeasurably desperate to avail the loan. This is something you must avoid at any cost.

Keep in mind that numerous loan applications without corresponding approvals could result in a low credit score. Make sure to figure out the platform that can approve your loan application without many obstacles.

  • Check your loan history

If, by any chance, lenders pinpoint that you have taken a personal loan previously, the chances of your approval will degrade further. A gap of at least six months is imperative when it comes to the approval of the loan application. Also, if you have availed the past loan without any substantial reasons, then it better for you waits before you apply for a new loan.

  • Have a mix of secured and unsecured loans

A secured loan is one that demands collateral from the borrower. The secured loan excels on simple math. Lenders receive the collateral against a secured loan to incentivize applicant to return the loan on time.

Meanwhile, the personal loan is not backed by collateral, and it quite easy to avail. Your credit score shows significant improvement when there is a mix of secured and unsecured loans is being repaid on time.

  • Track your income and expenses

Lenders want to find if you have enough assets leftover from your current loan debts to take on a new loan. Make sure that the EMIs do not surpass 30% of your income.

This does not cover your EMI related to your home loan. For instance, if your income is Rs. 50,000 per month, the total outflow of all your EMIs should not surpass Rs. 15,000 a month.

Also, make sure that you have a good track record in the context of employment. A frequent job change can put the break on your approval. Nearly every financial institution demands stable employment from the candidates to ensure uninterrupted loan repayments. As any sort of collateral does not back the personal loan, your income is crucial to the bank in case you default on your payments.

Before we break down the final words on this topic, let’s have a look at some vital information:  

The Eligibility Criterion for a Personal Loan

  • The age bandwidth for a personal loan is 21- 60 years
  • The borrower must be an Indian national.
  • The applicant must be self-employed or salaried.
  • The borrower must have a minimum net monthly income – Rs. 15,000.

Documentation Required for a Personal Loan

  • Identity Proof such as Aadhar card or voter id
  • Address Proof (electricity bill or passport)
  • Income Proof ( 6 months bank statement and three months salary slip from current employers)
  • A couple of passport size photograph

Essential Factors That Lenders Consider for a Personal Loan

  • Monthly income
  • Age
  • Place of Residence
  • Credit History


Considering these factors can help you solidify the chances of loan approval. From documentation to credit score, try to keep things simple and transparent, so that lenders can disburse your loan amount as quickly as possible. If you are willing to grab more information on this topic, be sure to take the benefit of our comment section, where you can drop your question whenever you want or you may directly write to Rhino Finance customer service.

Team Rhino

Rhino Finance Pvt Ltd is an RBI Registered NBFC. A healthy business can also run out of cash or get trapped in of debt stress. In such cases, Community cannot rush to banks for a Personal Loan or business loan when there is an urgent requirement. Rhino Finance provides flexible, short term working capital finance for small and medium companies.

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