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| Updated: 13 Apr, 2020 | Category: General

Recently, Rhino Finance has achieved excellence in providing business loans. Whether you need a quick personal loan or want to finance your new business, Rhino Finance is a one-stop destination for your financing needs.  

Rhino Finance has an extensive portfolio of financial schemes that comes to relaxed norms and standards. With a long list of satisfied clients at the disposal, Rhino Finance has earned a lot of credibility in the finance sector. It is the most reputable and advanced finance house in the country today.

Despite the economic disruption, Rhino Finance offers reliable financial services to its customers. Unlike a conventional bank, this financial house offers a nominal rate of interest on all sorts of financial schemes.

The following points will let you understand why Rhino Finance is regarded as the prominent finance house in the country today.

Quick Disbursal of Funds

Availing any financial aid through banks involves humongous paperwork and the stringent lending process, which in turn makes the loan disbursement process a lengthier one. As compared to this, Rhino Finance offers lenient lending norms with a transparent disbursement process.

Rhino Finance supports minimum documentation with the relaxed provision for financing schemes. With this high degree of transparency in loan processing, Rhino Finance is said to lend higher satisfaction among customers.

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Competitive Interest Rates

The interest rate is nothing short of a decisive factor for the loan seekers. This is one area where Rhino Finance has excelled quite incredibly over the years. When contrasted with traditional banks, Rhino Finance offers a lower rate of interest on all types of loans.

As compared to traditional banks, Rhino Finance offers competitive rates of interest on business loans. Rhino Finance doesn’t follow the footprint of RBI as far as the prime lending rate (PLR) is concerned, thus, giving customers greater flexibility on rates of interest in SME loans.

Lenient Eligibility Criteria

Contrary to banks, Rhino Finance doesn’t baffle customers with complicated eligibility criteria. Instead, they believe in providing snappier and smoother financing. Despite having an inadequate credit score, one can easily avail a loan from Rhino Finance.

Coming to the disbursement of the loan amount, Rhino Finance believes in full disbursal of the loan amount in the customer’s account as soon as the verification is over.

Minimum Supporting Documents and Paperwork

Minimal documentation and paperwork are the USP of Rhino Finance. Unlike banks, they don’t follow stringent rules and regulations in the context of the paperwork. In case if a borrower struggled to provide the required documents, the banks may decline the loan application.

Flexibility in the Context of Using the Loan Amount

Rhino Finance got plenty of flexible loans scheme to cater to different demands with ease. Users can even withdraw the sanctioned amount in parts. This gives them a strategic move to tackle their expenses with smartness. As far as the balance amount is concerned, it can be withdrawn in a hassle-free way without being asked a single question.

Convenient Repayment Terms

In the context of the personal loan, if the borrower has surplus funds, then he/she can make a prepayment for the loan. The low prepayment charges of the Rhino Finance make this step affordable for the borrower.

Speedy approvals, a high loan amount, and excellent versatility make the personal loan from Rhino Finance a standout contender amount the rest.

Flexible Tenor Options

Rhino Finance has sparkling tenor options serving various types of loans. These tenors are flexible and ease out the monetary burden of the borrower. Based on the repayment ability, you can choose a tenor that suits your requirements.

Portfolio of Loans Offered of the Rhino Finance

Micro Loan

Micro loans aren’t different from personal loans. The loan amount under Micro loan ranges between Rs 1000-10000. If in case you are encountering financial hassle at the end of the month, Rhino Finance can help you availing micro loan at a nominal interest rate.

Personal Loan

A personal loan is also recognized as an unsecured loan. A working professional who is earning Rs.20,000 or more per month can avail this loan quite easily. Generally, a personal loan is an avail to cover up the expenses related to travel, big-ticket purchases, emergency medical aid, or any other thing. The monthly salary and the credit score of the borrower will ultimately finalize the exact amount of the loan.

Cash Loan

A cash loan is a short term loan that is obtained for one year or less. There is a general misconception among the people is that cash loan and personal loan is the same thing. The ticket size of this loan ranges between Rs 10,000-40,000. The advantage of this loan is that the low salaried people can avail this loan quite easily.

Instant Loan

Instant loan is a kind of financial aid that comes handy in an urgent situation. This type of loan can be availed in a shorter time-frame with a lower rate of interest.

Business Loan

A business loan proves to be quite beneficial for a new business. These types of loans can cover up expenses related to employee salaries, equipment purchasing, or inventory management.

Salary advance

It is a tailor-made financial aid that yields benefit to those who need quick money. This category of loan generally serves employees in the company.

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Considering the benefits mentioned above, it is apparent that Rhino Finance is emerging as a prominent player in the finance sector. By meeting the credit requirements with flexible strategy, Rhino Finance tends to drive the growth of the loan seekers.

Moreover, Rhino Finance outshines conventional banks in terms of paperwork and disbursal limit. Over the past few years, the performance of Rhino Finance speaks for itself.

Hence, in the context of advantages and forthcoming trends in the non-banking financial sector, there’s nothing wrong with approaching Rhino Finance Private Limited for hassle-free business financial aid.

Team Rhino

Rhino Finance Pvt Ltd is an RBI Registered NBFC. A healthy business can also run out of cash or get trapped in of debt stress. In such cases, Community cannot rush to banks for a Personal Loan or business loan when there is an urgent requirement. Rhino Finance provides flexible, short term working capital finance for small and medium companies.

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