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Business Loan Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business! Here is why

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| Updated: 13 Apr, 2020 | Category: Business Loan

Unlike a secured business loan, business loans are collateral-free. This means you don’t have to submit assets upfront to qualify for the loan. A business loan offers quite a bit of monetary aid to the small business that doesn’t have anything to pledge.

While it’s true that taking debt is not a good idea, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take it all. If your business has witnessed great success in the past and is about to take a leap, but you don’t have sufficient capital, a business loan could act as a saviour for you. Here are the six reasons why a business loan can make a significant impact on your business.

You Can Expand Your Physical Location

Your business is booming, and your current location has outgrown due to a large number of customers. Now, this left you with two options- one- you have to expand your current location, which might not be feasible if you are under a rental contract. Second, you might need to look out for other locations.

Either way, you will need money to pursue your plan. The absence of sufficient capital can act as an obstacle for your business, and that’s where the business loan comes really handy.

But before you commit to such debt, make sure that your business is able to generate constant revenue to cover up the loan. To do so, you can take advantage of the existing balance sheet along with the revenue forecast.

Increase the Portfolio of the Equipment

Purchasing equipment for a business is typically a no brainer for financing. Your business needs specific machinery and equipment to make a standout product line for the end-users.

Loans can cover up the costs of equipment that will allow you to increase productivity and provide an improved experience to the customers. They can also help you stay abreast of continual development in the technology and deliver cutting-edge products in the longer run. 

Before you rush out for such type of loan, make sure to outline your actual needs in a smart way to get the most out of the loan. Yes, your employees probably would love a coffee machine in a break time. But if you’re tight on the budget, then this type of investment may prove to be irrelevant and unproductive to you.

Maintain the Optimum Level of Inventory

Inventory is considered as one of the biggest expenses for the business. Just like equipment purchases, you need to meet the customer’s demand by restocking your inventory with high-quality options. This can prove to be a tedious errand at times when you need to stock up a high volume of inventory before expecting a return on the investment.

For instance, a seasonal business owner might need to stock up high inventory with an insufficient capital on hand. The business loan can help you offset inventory cost and stay ahead of the customer demand without hurting your cash flow.

To gauge whether this would be a smart strategy for your business, take advantage of the sales projection based on sales history. Estimate the debt cost and compare to your projected sales to check whether obtaining an inventory loan is a smart move or not. Keep in mind that sale figures can be dynamic and might vary widely. So, don’t rely on a single year to figure out the projection.

Maintain Cash Flow

There is no way small companies can tackle the fluctuation of the cash flow. Every now and then, companies encounter severe demand surge with inadequate cash flow on the other hand. The situation got even worse when the existing customer failed to pay the money on time.

Now, this creates a financial loophole in the business model, forces owners to shut down the operation for a while. Obviously, nobody wants to end up like that.

The short term loan is the remedy to this very situation. It can help you cover up the cashless scenario and maintain the integrity of the production against the variable demands with ease.

What Should be Your Strategy to Avail the Business Loan?

If you’re planning to finance your business with significant capital in the next few years, the case can be made for starting with a short-term loan to build your business credit.

Growing businesses often fail to qualify for more jumbo loans due to poor credit history to report. Taking out a smaller loan and making a repayment on time will build a substantial credit for your business.

This precise tactic can let you build a reliable connection with a specific lender. But you need to be cautious here, though, avoid opting for new loans that you can’t repay. One late payment can ruin your chances of obtaining a business loan for your enterprise.

Let’s summarise the benefit of a business loan through the given pointers.

  • Business loans help the applicant to pursue their business without any financial obstacle.
  • Generally, the business loan comes with a lower interest rate, when contrasted with other investments.
  • Business can be repaid through secure payment options such as EMIs
  • A business loan is not backed by collateral
  • Provide reliable support to the business houses who seek financial help.


A business loan is great for small companies who seek urgent monetary help to trigger the production. There are plenty of financial houses in the country that can provide an easy loan with the paperless approach. But before you rush to the bank for a loan, make sure to check their credibility by examining their history. Also, look out for the basic parameters like interest rate, mode of repayments, and hidden terms, before the bank disburses the loan amount in your account.

Team Rhino

Rhino Finance Pvt Ltd is an RBI Registered NBFC. A healthy business can also run out of cash or get trapped in of debt stress. In such cases, Community cannot rush to banks for a Personal Loan or business loan when there is an urgent requirement. Rhino Finance provides flexible, short term working capital finance for small and medium companies.

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